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Volume One Navy Bobble Beanie

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Ships from Darlington // London, United Kingdom

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Darlington // London, United Kingdom

Volume One is an independent brand consisting of two cofounders; Jonathan Fox and Lloyd Parker. Splitting the team across the country between Darlington and London allows us to garner a clearer focus on national coverage.
 V1 strives to create sharp, playful, designs that are unique and timely. Producing fashion staples such as headwear, t-shirts, and sweatshirts – our garments are ethically sourced, produced to the highest quality and created in limited quantities. With like-minded outlooks and interests we draw inspiration from art, music, sport and the cities that surround us.

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Free UK delivery available  Another of the classic Navy beanie crew; another bobble-topped cut made up with a 100% soft-touch acrylic and double layer knit for extra warmth and finished with the original V1 sewn on logo for the classic feel.

100% soft-touch acrylic Double layer knot Bobble hat