Rye 51

Silo Selvedge Denim

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Ships from Dallas, United States

Selvedge denim is the holy grail of the denim world. Designed to avoid unraveling and to shape, hone, and adhere to your body over time, these will fast-become the best jeans you've ever owned. Wear them without washing them for a few months. And, over time, watch as they evolve. And, for those seeking a particular aesthetic, you'll find the taped seams on the inside, sporting the signature selvedge red, white, and blue look. So, worn cuffed, you'll immediately add an air of confidence to your outfits. Made with 12-ounce, high-quality Cone Mills denim, our selvedge denim is some of the finest on the market.

12-ounce cone mills denim. Made in America. Tailored, but not skinny. All inseams are 34 inches.