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Outdoorsman 6 Panel Green

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Cardiff, United Kingdom

Origin Clothing was created 2015 with a simple objective: to provide protection from the climates and to give identity to the modern age explorers with a range of functional, practical and durable clothing without compromising on style. Its Simple: GRAB SOME FRIENDS, YOUR TENT, YOUR BIKE, YOUR OTHER BIKE. PACK THE VAN. SATNAV A DESTINATION. DRIVE. SLEEP. DRIVE. CAMP. WAKE. WASH. CLIMB. CYCLE. WALK. EAT. SLEEP. LAUGH.EXPLORE.MAKE NEW FRIENDS. RIDE.EAT.DRINK.SLEEP.SWIM.VALLEY TO SUMMIT. MAKE DAYS LAST FOREVER

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Unreconstructed washed 6 panels perfect for any adventure and a great life companion. A washed denim fade makes this cap have a vintage look as if you have traveled around the world and back already.

Custom embroider patch Snap back  Flexible peak