High Quality handmade belt from Genuine Suede Leather Belt width about 3,7 cm Inner Material: Leather Suede leather optic Antique silver brushed buckle The Buckle is fixed with screws. If it is too long, you could unscrew it and then cut the leather Fits: Men & Women Style: SOFT Item no. 3-0-666-15-10   Product Care Fred N' Mates use naturally produced leather materials. The leather is finished by hand during the production process, giving our products a unique and exclusive look. Any irregularities in the material, such as the color or outer surface, are intentional and are a sign of quality and authenticity. Fred N' Mates use only nickle-free buckles. Not available, need another size or help? Please contact us

Fred N' Mates


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London, United Kingdom

Belts & Bags handmade from fine, untreated leather in casual designs make Fred N' Mates one of the most young sought-after fashion brands around.

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